empty fortress

Right, so, while waiting for a collab project to finish (as well as working on more involved stuff), I made a couple things for the latest Pirate Kart thingie over on Glorious Trainwrecks. Have a look if you like short crappy games and/or camels.

I also opened a tumblr where I’ll be dumping, errr, visual experiments? (I can’t bring myself to call this art, ah ah), WIP screenshots and the occasional reblog. It’s right over there.

Be seeing you!

So, 2015 started as shitty as 2014 ended, which made this thing (which normally could have been done in like two days) take ages to finish. Anyway, it’s here now. Introducing Gat Life, an exciting new IP. Grab the first episode on itch.io (widget below) or GameJolt, your choice.

I normally would have added more words, but I’m knackered and my brain has turned to soup over the last few days so I’ll just shut up and save it for later.

Take care.

Russian Valentine at QGCon

What’s cool? This:

Russian Valentine at QGCon
Russian Valentine at QGCon

(Many thanks to Deirdra Kiai for the picture!)

Not sure if you can tell :p but it’s set up and running in the arcade room at QGCon 2014. Releasing a game in the wild is stressful and scary, but seeing people on the other side of the planet playing it is priceless.